about Gina

Working in video format, Gina's practice locates popular mass online video culture converging with her personal experiences and social issues connecting what that matters in our everyday existence culminating in an seemingly borderless society. Her interest lies in the intersection of the varied narratives that connects in order to bring forth an acknowlegement or understanding through a process of documentation, retelling or responding. Working across discursive subjects, her narratives draws from thinking critically along the discourse of power, inequalities and freedom. She deliberates in these thoughts as a way to challenge disparate polarities or questions in order to assimilate ideas. She is fasinated by online video culture and how platforms such as Youtube and Titok has skyrocketed video content and how the video camera has become an everyday observer and the ever performative role we live with the video camera as an audience in our lives. Found footages allows her to include a non-exclusive and inclusive inquiry in her videos that encapsulate the zeitgeist of our times. She composes sound tracks in her videos and draws her influences from an interest in Eastern and Western philosophy. Her practice attempts to grasp the shifting moods in our everyday environment and understand the complexities of human relations, irrationalities and the chaos. Her videos have been selected and screened in major cities internationally. Gina graduated at Royal College of Art (UK) with a MA in Critical Practice, Contemporary Art.

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